There is a high level of agreement that skills, education and training are good for society, but the real question is ‘how’. This site is devoted to building the knowledge of ‘how’.


“Skills have become the global currency of the 21st century. Without proper investment in skills, people languish on the margins of society, technological progress does not trans- late into economic growth, and countries can no longer compete in an increasingly knowledge-based global soci- ety. But this ‘currency’ depreciates as the requirements of labour markets evolve and individuals lose the skills they do not use. Skills do not automatically convert into jobs and growth.<our emphasis>”

OECD (2012). Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Lives: A Strategic Approach to Skills Policies. Paris: OECD. p. 3

Professor Johnny Sung

Professor Johnny Sung

Prof. Sung is an internationally well-known academic who specialises in three areas of skills research:

  1. National systems of workforce development with special reference to the sectoral approach to skills development;

  2. Skills utilisation, automation and the future of work;

  3. High performance working which links business strategies to work systems, skills development and workplace performance.

Prof. Sung is currently on a long-term appointment at the Institute for Adult Learning in Singapore. There he established the Centre for Skills, Performance and Productivity in 2011. The Centre is well-known in Singapore and internationally as a leading research centre in ‘skills research’.

Prof. Sung has published regularly in books and academic journals. His latest book (Nov 2018) with the International Labour Organization (ILO), is entitled “Skills and the Future of Work: Strategies for Inclusive Growth in Asia and the Pacific” (co-edited with Sakamoto, A.)

Prior to his appointment in Singapore, Prof. Sung was the Chair of Skills and Performance at the University of Leicester (UK). He is also Visiting Professor at the Institute of Education, University College London and Honorary Professor in the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University.